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Roommate Issues now on Smashwords


Roommate Issues – An Erotic Mind Control Adventure

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A Mesmerizing Interruption – A flash story

Click to read a little tale of Sofia’s encounter with a Mesmerist, an erotic flash story for your enjoyment.  Adults over 18 only please!

A Mesmerizing Interruption

Sofia whimpered as he gripped her chin firmly in his palm.  She was locked in place, spellbound and standing in front of him.  Her body couldn’t even tremble, despite the growing horror as waves of new sensations started to tear through her flesh.  Only minutes before she’d been on the way to a new club with her friends.  They’d decided to take a shortcut through a side street, not expecting any trouble.  Sure, they’d heard about the new mesmerist cult in the area, but no one believed anyone could really take control of another persons will.  At least she hadn’t thought it possible until she’d been frozen in place along with Jennifer and Maddie.

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Bigger Boobs and Brainier Bimbos

So as you can see I’m well over a month into this renewed writing thing. Okay, maybe you haven’t seen much in the “new” category yet, but I assure you it is coming. As I’ve been revising and releasing older works, I have actually been working on new stories as well. Dealing with the slippery eel that is Amazon’s acceptable story content has dealt me a few setbacks and thrown off my production schedule a bit. Rest assured, all new Farleven stories are coming and soon, as in within the next month if I have anything to say about it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Farleven Joins Smashwords


As some of you may know, there are alternatives to Amazon, and while Amazon has many things going for it, it’s always nice to have a more native experience on other devices. As such I’ve open an account on Smashwords and will be distributing my stories through them, and by extension to most of the other major ebook sellers.

For now both Free Ride and Cherished Memories are available on Smashwords and Roommate Issues will be available soon.

For all of my available stories on Smashwords visit my author’s page.
Farleven’s Smashwords Author’s Page

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