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Misapplied Magic – The Complete Bundle – Now on sale


Misapplied Magic – The Complete Bundle
A Magical Erotic Transformation Adventure

Wild magic can certainly spice up your day…

Maggie has always had the ability to see magic and the ability to tame it. It didn’t take her long to learn that others couldn’t, despite regaling them with the stories of the strange creatures and flowing energies that filled the world but went unseen by all but a few. It wasn’t until years later that she happened across a wizard willing to teach her about her powers and what she could do with them.

Now she bounded around, hunting down outbursts of wild magic, so that she could keep it from wreaking havoc and to grow her own power. The trouble was, to tame the magic she had to let it enchant her, and become part of the fantasy world that magic would create. Given how often people drifted into sexy daydreams, Maggie usually found herself diving into one erotic adventure after another.

Collected here are all the tales of Maggie’s adventures in one bundle. Prepare for a wild ride into the depths of imagination.

This bundle contains all 4 episodes of Misapplied Magic
Part 1 – Misapplied Magic
Part 2 – Pleasing the Professor
Part 3 – Legal Discipline
Part 4 – Doing the Dudes

Important Note From the Author
This is an erotic story that is not suitable for those under eighteen years old. This story contains male/female sex scenes.

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